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It's interesting he mentions ditching Adobe for Affinity, because the latter is not subscription software. Scrivener is also not subscription software, whereas Ulysses, its main competitor, has gone from traditionally licensed to subscription. Thanks Keith for not yielding to the lure of that exploitative business model!

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There's a lot of fantastic software out there that doesn't abide by the subscription business model. I'm not inherently against subscriptions (I've many of my own – Disney+, HBO Max, Puck News, Overcast for podcasts, etc.) but it is nice to have some software that's just one and done, and that continues to get more powerful. Scrivener is one, the Affinity suite is another. Some others are:

- Transmit by Panic Software

- Aeon Timeline

- Permute for transcoding/encoding video (though I mostly use the command line for this)

- Meta for editing music metadata

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