Who are you?

My name's Yuvraj, though I usually go by Raj. I work on a few different things, most recently a book to be published by Oxford University Press, My Fellow Americans: Presidents and Their Inaugural Addresses. I asked 64 historians to write an essay on each inaugural address and, shockingly, they did. 🙃

What is Syntopikon?

I started Syntopikon with the goal of interviewing people in different industries about the tools they use to get their work done, the routines & habits that enable them to do their work, how they got interested in what they do, and more. Obviously, because a project can never end with the same scope it started with, I decided to add on some more of what interests me: reviews about media; longform essays about topics that intrigue me; blog posts, which are like essays, but more ephemeral and much shorter; and, most recently, lyric music videos with each lyric as an AI generated image – all of which goes on YouTube.

The interviews are on the Workflow page.

The essays are on the Essays page.

The reviews on the Reviews page.

And the blog posts are on the Home page.

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